Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Thank you for continuously supporting and playing ggRO!

Hotfix: Adjusted skill delays to have a 100ms fixed hard delay (old: 10ms).

Hotfix: Mind Break, Eske, and Provoke will no longer work inside castle maps - they will also be automatically debuffed

Magic reflect damage will now depend on the gears of the target, not the caster.

Change #world color to yellow.

Added PVP kill streak announcements. (Hotfix: Modified the sound set)

Added King of Emperium (mini WOE) auto event:
- Will start everyday at 9AM, 3PM, and 10:30 PM
- Hotfix: Also added 8PM
- Will end after 30 minutes
- Dry run prize is 50 Poring Coins (per player)

New Semi Rare headgear quests:

  • Glowing Pumpkin Headband
  • Little Fairy
  • Dowry
  • Sailor's Scarf
  • Evolved Robo Eyes
  • Orange Scarf
  • Melody & Harmony
  • Spade Card
  • Green Bubble Gum

New PODs headgears:

  • Glowing Halo
  • Evolved Devil Mask
  • Dragon's Breathe
  • Golden Vengeance Mask
  • Water Spirit Vengeance Mask
  • Nature Vengeance Mask
  • Red Fury Vengeance Mask
  • Tears of Anger

New Costumes:

  • WIld Rose Hat
  • Red Minstrel Hat
  • Frozen Twin Pom
  • Triangle Rune Cap
  • Ribbon of Bride
  • Gold Minstrel Hat
  • Minstrel Song Hat
  • Peacock Feather

UCP will now display item names correctly

Server RAM upgraded