Monday, October 19, 2020

Our 10th batch update is here! Thank you for your continuous support. We hope you enjoy playing ggRO!

@hold command added

[Temporary] Emperium HP set to 10,063,820

Proof of Donation increased to 5% in the Treasure Chest

Embryo and Elemental Potion Creation Guide added to Lazy Dealer

Tarot can now remove Chemical Protection Armor

Metaling Card and Wickebine Tres Card modified to be twice as effective when used by a Rogue class

Preserve can no longer be dispelled

[Temporary] Stalkers can now copy advanced skills

Shield Chain will now permanently adapt to the user's weapon or scroll element

Carts can now hold up to 10,000 in weight

Investing in castle growth will now give +10 economy per investment instead of +1

Orb Rings will now give +5% Bolt damage

Blue Rose will now give +20% water element magic damage

Lost Dragon set will now give all stats +10

Speed Potion Box (10) now available in the Supplies Shop

Added New Costumes (scroll to the bottom):

  • Costume Mr. Smile
  • Costume Sphinx Hat
  • Costume Goggles
  • Costume Munak Hat
  • Costume Sunglasses
  • Costume Cigarette

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